Planttonix Bokashi is a natural concentrated source of effective microorganisms(EM) fermented on organic bran husk. Plant Tonix sources all of our products locally and takes great pride in provding quality, safe products. Bokashi is traditionally used for bokashi composting, a style of anaerobic composting (airtight) , in which food waste is layered with bokashi in a sealed container. This product then ferments the food waste. When the container is full the fermented food waste in buried underground or in a larger container with soil on top. The probiocs and microrganisms in the bokashi work to break down the food waste into usuable compost in a matter of weeks. Bokashi composting eliminates the smell of food waste rotting as this process works by fermenting instead of decomposing.


Bokasi is also used to top dress soil giving plants a proboitic boost. When added to soil bokashi provides neccesary microbes to stimulate new root growth, allowing the plant to become more resistant to pests, molds and diseases. 

Bokashi 1 pound

  • Bokashi is made with bran that is fermented with effective microorganisms to help speed up the breakdown of dead root material. It is used in composting and gardening. 

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